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In New York City, you have to be ready for anything that can happen in a New York minute. NYC is fast, competitive and there are days when it feels like the City just wins. The 2 train is running on a delay, and there’s always traffic on the FDR. Navigating crowds, waiting in lines and connecting with strangers is all part of the movement. Being READY for whatever could come next while charting your path to success is what it's about.

The Ready Foundation LLC helps with the next phase of the journey for NYC’s youth and young adults getting ready to attain success and a personal sense of accomplishment.

Getting READY requires support from corporate and private sources. Changing lives follows.

Intelligent, driven, and aware – these individuals have a world of opportunity in front of them. Imagine how our communities, employers and universities stand to gain from our future leaders.

/ Who We Are

The Ready Foundation LLC (“The Ready Foundation”) provides funding and focused support to a small number of 501[c] [3] nonprofit organizations in New York. Our investment is focused on improving the lives of at-risk youth and young adults with potential across the five boroughs.

The goal of The Ready Foundation is to advocate, coach, fund and affect change to enable promising youth to reach their full potential. Sometimes, other’s think it’s as simple as providing skills, access and support. Through our experience, we've learned that it often requires far more.  We are thrilled to work with nonprofit organizations dedicated to attacking this challenge through supportive services, access, advocacy, education and capacity building within the community.

/ Why

In 2015, 5.5 million US youth ages 16-24, were disconnected, defined by the Federal government as out of school and out of work. Of this total, NYC claims a staggering 184,000+. If we filled Yankees Stadium, City Field, Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center to capacity with this population, over 50,000 would remain waiting in line.

Source: The Opportunity Index

To remedy such a statistically widespread problem, providing resources and support to “opportunity youth” is instrumental in effecting real change.

/ Our Cause Areas

The nonprofit organizations that receive our support are developing youth & young adults in New York City by giving them access to:

  • Career Readiness – Hard & Soft Skills Training
  • Career Connections – Pathways through Internships & Full-time Placement
  • Educational Opportunities – High School Equivalency & Post-secondary
  • Career Support – Mentoring & Career Coaching
  • Individual Support – Counseling, Preventative Healthcare, Nourishment & Shelter, Legal & Family

Organizations We Support

Of the many great nonprofit organizations out there, we have chosen to work with those who are equally dedicated to attacking these challenges faced by NYC’s underserved youth and young adults with potential.

The Door New York
Broome Street Academy
University Settlement
Streetwise Partners
Gibeny Dance
Posse Foundation
/ Our Expertise

We provide funding and active, focused support to nonprofits that affect meaningful, positive change across a spectrum of intersection points.

What do we mean by active, focused support?

For our nonprofit grantees, active, focused support may include board service, pro-bono consulting around business planning, developing strategic partnerships, and facilitating cross-industry connections to advocate, educate and build capacity in the community; to partner and solve problems.

To individuals supported by our grantees, our support as volunteers can include one-on-one and group skills coaching, teaching and career mentoring.

/ Our Approach to Grant Making

We support nonprofits that:

Create meaningful, impactful change
Define and measure clear outcomes
Might be ready for strategic growth, scale, innovation
Celebrate leadership excellence
Value active, focused support

READY provides financial support, board service and strategic partner consulting services to The Door ~ a center of alternatives. The Door offers NYC youth ages 12-24 dedicated comprehensive services including education, career pathways, arts and recreation, counseling, crisis work with runaway and homeless youth, medical and legal services, and supportive housing – all for free and confidentially. An example is a young woman who came to The Door homeless and having dropped out of high school with few employment skills who through the Door was connected to stable housing, has now completed her high school equivalency and intensive career training, is working on her certification to become a plumber, and now has been helped to secure her first apartment.

Since 2012, READY has provided financial support and mentorship to Year Up New York and the students they serve. Year Up is a one-year workforce development program. With our mentorship, a Year Up participant completed a six month, full-time, professional internship at a marketing & advertising firm in Manhattan, graduated from Year Up in July 2015, enrolled at State University of New York's Empire State College and is working full-time.

READY supports StreetWise Partner’s (SWP) strategic commitment to reduce unemployment among NYC's low income young adults. SWP's deep expertise in career mentoring helps young adults secure and maintain employment at various career stages. Through partnerships with corporations and other nonprofit organizations, outcomes through mentoring are achievable and set to scale. SWP's support from READY includes board service, financial support and strategic partnership consulting services.

READY supports Gibney Dance program initiatives which help youth and young adults foster healthy relationships, explore career options in the performing arts field, and enable talented, motivated artists to break economic barriers and compete for high level training and internships. READY provides board service, financial support and strategic partner and capacity building consulting services.

Thanks to The Posse Foundation’s Veterans Program & Wesleyan University, 10 post-9/11 Veterans were awarded Full Tuition Scholarships to Wesleyan University in the fall of 2015. READY assisted scholars through writing coaching within an intensive pre-collegiate training program in the summer of 2015.

/ Support by The Ready Foundation
  • Funding for The Ready Foundation is provided through direct contributions from our principals.  Grants in support of our mission will also be made through a pre-established Donor Advised Fund (DAF)
  • We allocate grants on a calendar-year basis
  • Our Board of Advisors provides perspectives and domain expertise to help shape our investment decisions: strategy, finance, governance, education, social services, public policy, research and philanthropy
  • Funding decisions are made twice annually in the spring and fall
  • We schedule reviews for grants made in alignment with grant type
  • Our high-involvement model keeps us centered and informed in the field. As a result, we do not accept unsolicited proposals
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Our Founders

The creators and doers behind The Ready Foundation are Bethany and Euan Menzies, principals. With decades of experience in the for-profit sector, they are committed to developing and advocating for at-risk youth with potential in New York City, and hopefully empowering them to create a successful & fulfilling career while living in the greatest city in the world.

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